Zeke Emanuel: Innovation or gimmick?

Zeke Emanuel, MD, PhD, former health advisor to President Barack Obama, knows what makes a genuine medical innovation—and what doesn’t. That’s why Boston Children’s Hospital is so excited to have Emanuel deliver a keynote speech at Boston Children’s “Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards 2014,” Oct. 30 + 31, in Boston.

We’ve gathered global leaders to immerse you in pediatric innovation, help build partnerships and transform health care. In addition to Emanuel, our keynote speakers are Bill Taylor, from Fast Company, and Carlos Dominguez, from Cisco.

Daymond John, from ABC’s “Shark Tank,” will moderate our Innovation Tank, where pediatric innovators will compete for $30,000 to help bring their solutions to market and impact the audience that matters most: our children.

Expert panels will delve into the most pressing pain points in pediatric medicine.

Panelists include:

  • Sandra Fenwick, from Boston Children’s Hospital, on CEOs’ Top Challenges and Opportunities
  • Scott Kirsner, from The Boston Globe, on Mobile & Digital Health
  • David Meeker, MD, from Genzyme, on Rare Diseases
  • Pamela Simpkins, MBA, from Janssen Biotech, on Accelerating Innovation
  • Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, from Merck, on Predictive Analytics & Big Data

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